California Smog Readiness Test Failure

Question-California Smog Readiness Test Failure

I recently took my car (2001 Ford Focus ZTS) to test only station for Smog Check prior to registration. It passed all emission requirements but failed what technician described as a “Readiness Test”. The form specifically states “This vehicle failed the MIL/Check Engine Light Test due to failure to successfully complete all OBD self tests”. I got temp registation but need to deal with issue at hand. My money is tight (like most everybody else) and my questions are:

1. Is this an easy fix or will it require taking to repair shop?

2. What part is required for replacement?

3. Any idea cost/time required to fix it if repair shop is required?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Take care & “All The Best!”


The readiness monitors have not run. drive the car on the freeway with 3/4 to a full tank for about 45-60 miles at 60-65 mph with no heavy acceleration. PS dont use the cruise control

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