Pontiac GTO

Even with the prices of early GTOs, especially those with Tri-Power and Ram Air-spec V-8s, beyond the price point of the average Joe, you can still own a Pontiac with those three little letters on the front grille: Just consider the 1971-72 models. They are an extension of the reshaped A-body that bowed in 1968; apart from a few changes here and there, they still retained that menacing look of a GTO. Tons of body and trim parts have been reproduced, along with a whole host of go-fast goodies to tweak your car for better performance. This country is filled with GTO fans, so values will continue to rise, but only for factory-correct cars that have been restored well. More »

Chevrolet Corvette

One of the best-styled Corvettes is the late Seventies fastback: Its forceful, aggressive lines never fail to make a splash, and you can buy one in good running condition for less than $10,000. Plenty were built, so finding a decent example is easy. With dozens of Corvette specialists selling just about every part needed, including new reproduction parts and high-performance speed parts, restoring one is a relatively simple process. Backed by excellent club support and specialists, it is no wonder demand is on the rise for these models--but only those cars that are restored to original specs will bring top dollar. More »

Ford Mustang

Mustangs make ideal first-time projects because practically every part you will ever need is only a catalog or website listing away. In fact, we cant think of any part that has not been reproduced. And there are literally dozens of companies supplying all the parts and accessories you will need. Mustangs are also backed by excellent club support, with numerous experts everywhere. Projects are still easy to find and, when restored, early Mustangs almost sell themselves. More »

Chevy Chevelle

Aside from the early Mustang, more parts have been reproduced for GMs line of A-body cars than any other. The 1966-70 Chevelles are already kind of pricey to buy, so instead, go for the more affordable 1971-72 hardtop or convertible models--they are substantially cheaper, yet nearly all the parts are the same. Restorations are straightforward, thanks to their basic body-on-frame construction. Having many admirers means they will sell quickly and for a reasonable price, but like most muscle cars today, they have to be restored to stock specs. More »